CG Group is the brand name of CG S.r.l., a Fano (PU) based company that specializes in: ORGANIZING, PLANNING, OUTFITTING, CATERING and COMMUNICATIONS for businesses and individuals.

We have distinguished ourselves over the years for our professionalism, our strive for innovation, and our expert attention to detail. CG Group works all over Italy, from large cities such as Milano, Roma, and Bologna, to smaller regions, such as our Marche area. CG organizer endeavors to highlight and deliver local and national culture and traditions.

A wedding is one of the most important events in one's life. It needs to be unique, original, unforgettable: CG Wedding approaches the wedding as a highly personal, individual event, flawlessly tailored to the couple. It strives to represent the true identity of the couple and their style and vision through the event itself.

Idea generation/Planning/Implementation

CG Gourmet is the best solution to a sophisticated palate, and to present a perfect interpretation of Marche and national food traditions to each event. Thanks to our Gourmet (chef?), and our highly trained staff, CG Gourmet is the final piece to the event puzzle. CG gourmet delivers luxury catering from regional to fusion cuisine, from a simple brunch to a black tie dinner, from (ma cos'e' la cena a tema?) to finger food, utilizing authentic artisanal flavors and the top chefs of refined and traditional cuisine.